Morning traffic

Today morning around 6:45am, I was on my way to Plaza Mont Kiara and the traffic near Taman Desa was horrible until I have to divert to Sungai Besi road.

Check my mobile using Waze app and saw how bad the traffic was. RED!!! Better take KL-Seremban highway as it's faster.

Just few years ago, going to office around 6:45am was smooth ride, less jam but now …. sigh.

Better to work from home. What do you think?


Deliberately misleading the public?

As I was reading an article about Cheras titled “Packed to the brim” in StarMetro, I saw the chart about previous General Election and wonder why they bold the “loser” instead of the winner?

What's the purpose? I thought it's general practice to highlight winners but why this?

In marketing, we normally bold those text to highlight the significant or unique point. To me, I suspect they are playing psychology to bold BN as if they are significant player because I can't think of a better reason why they would do so.

Ah, The Star's majority shareholder is who? I wonder …..


Trying out art

After browsing Facebook and saw a photo on how-to-draw-line-art-hand, I told myself that I should try it one day and that one day is today. Above pic was my first art

Then I was thinking why not try another one with different angle? It was ok but can be better if I put my heart into it. Maybe next time or not (if my kids don't pester me to teach them)


Lost World of Tambun @ Ipoh

Ok, I should have posted this first but too many photos and without wifi, I saved this post for last about my Ipoh trip.

Once we’ve reached Ipoh for dim sum and checked into Kinta Riverfront Hotel (new but service sucks), we proceed to Lost World of Tambun

Like any water park, it’s pack with people especially school holidays. That means getting in means waiting for queue for the RFID.

Once inside, it’s really pack with people. One thing I don’t like is they don’t wear proper attire. I mean, swimming attire, not your normal daily clothes and soak into the pool with them. Where got beach or pool feel?

This is a far cry from where I’ve been. Ok, Bahamas vs Tambun is not fair but still

Besides the usual water spots, there’s petting zoo, tigers, train rides, ATV, and theme park

There’s juice bar and spa plus massage.

Overall experience, ok la. It’s more for kids to enjoy

Oh yeah, natural scenery is also nice. Will I come back? Maybe, especially it’s not a school holiday

Mickey Mouse in Mid Valley

Right after we reached KL from Ipoh, we went straight to Mid Valley for lunch and to have a look at Mickey.

The Mickey Mouse we saw were designed and painted by others. Some by A cut above, Jusco, etc.

Wish I have one of those in my living room

Frankly, we can’t look at each and every one of it as there’s a lot. So, we just look at those that caught our attention.

Some design is quite impressive.

Some are glittering and some with different design


Tattoo girl

We were in Mid Valley today and my girl saw a booth with children getting a temporary tattoo. Of course she also wants to get one too.

Step one, choose a design and pay up

Step two, stick it to your arm

Step three, spray over sticker

Step four, peel and clean up

Step five, show off new tattoo


Perak Tong @ Ipoh

Brought my kids to Perak Tong in Ipoh. Initially, I do not know whether they will enjoy the place because there’s no tv, 3D interactive, colorful graphics (actually there is colorful graphics on the wall inside the cave), etc.

When we reached there, there’s already a jaga kereta boy but this time told me it’s up to me how much I should give him. I just gave RM2.

I’ve told my girl that she’ll have to be my model for the day ;)

So is my boy :)


Like I’ve said, there is colorful graphics in the cave. There is also a large Buddha statue


Like any tourist, we took lots of photos.

Nice view from the top too. Luckily the weather is just right for sightseeing activity.

After that, it’s time to go back to hotel for a nice dip in the pool